I’m really hot on healthy nutrient-dense breakfasts. Whether you eat it first thing in the morning or you fast and eat at lunchtime or mid-morning it’s still breakfast, its the first meal of the day after your overnight fast, you are breaking your overnight fast.

So many break their fast with cereals, bread and baked goods when really the focus should be on refuelling your body with something packed with nutrients for the best possible start to the day. Protein is the number one nutrient to focus on for your first meal to ensure you get those essential building blocks and it will keep you feeling full and energised until your next meal, and avoid blood sugar slumps that leave your reaching for a sugary snack!

So with this in mind, I am going to leave you with this protein-packed breaking your fast recipe, using one of my favourite ingredients. It’s my favourite ingredient not only because its a great source of protein providing all these essential amino acids, but its overall nutrition profile is pretty amazing, plus it’s so economical and versatile!

The humble egg! Did you know that just 2 eggs provide me with a whopping 24% of my daily nutrients?

Simple fried eggs over leafy greens, plus some other yummy bits and a sauce! 🙂

You can do any take on this, and there’s no fancy pants ingredients or recipe instructions, just your favourite leafy greens, some other of your favourite veggies plus a sauce- mine here was homemade celery leaf pesto, but it could be store-bought pesto, mustard, horseradish, tamari, whatever you have on hand.

This is my standard breakfast 2–3 eggs over whatever veggies I have to hand, and a sauce 🙂

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