I’ve been making almond mylk for so many years now, I make it at least twice a week. So much so that I forget that there are many who do not know how simple it is to make. So here it is, here is how to make your own delicious homemade almond mylk. Oh and if you are wondering why I’m calling it mylk instead of milk, its because technically it’s not milk, and many courties have banned producers of non-mammalian milk from calling it milk, hence the word mylk was born

Why is it better? It takes better because most shop-bought is made with only 2-4% almonds, it should really be called water with a dash of almond. Its usually made with undesirable additives, for instance with rice, which makes it like a milky coloured sweet water that tastes nothing like almonds, and make it too high carb for us low carb diabetics. There are also various thickeners which arent ideal. And then lastly the price, for what it is is and how many almonds they use is ridiculous.

Equipment Needed

  • Blender. I use a Blentec, but I was making nut mylk perfectly fine when I had a simple blender that cost no more than €25
  • Nut milk bag- you can find these on Amazon, they are made of nylon and last for years.
  • A glass bottle to store it in.

Ingredients (makes 1 litre)

  • Almonds, approx 1 cup, preferably organic. you can use more or fewer almonds as you desire
  • 1 litre filtered water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Vanilla flavouring, optional.


  • Soak the nuts in a sealed container on the kitchen counter in filtered water with a pinch of salt overnight, about 8 hours
  • Drain and rinse thoroughly
  • I like to run all equipment under very hot tap before I start to make sure it’s all sterilised
  • Place soaked and drained nuts in bender with a pinch of salt and vanilla if using
  • Add filtered water to the highest volume level indicated on blender jug
  • Blend for one minute, be careful not to overfill jug otherwise you’ll get nut mylk, and nuts all over your kitchen, as I did may a time in the beginning
  • Place the nut mylk bag in a jug or pot, or anything you can easily pour the mylk from into the bottle you’re using
  • Pour the blended mixture through the nut mylk bag, into the jug or vessel you’re using
  • Once it all poured in, squeeze the nut pulp in the bag to get out all the liquid
  • Then pour into your desired bottle and refrigerate. It will last about 3-4 days.

If it goes off sooner, your equipment wasn’t sterile enough.


Tip: I find when using in tea or coffee it helps to cool the hot drink with a splash of cold water before adding the almond mylk to stop it from separating.

Macronutrient info per 1-litre bottle, approx: Net Carbs 11.8g, Protein 27.5g, fat 64.9g,